Friday, August 3, 2012

Been a while

I will start updating this blog again in the winter months. I am trying to spend as little time in front of a computer as much as possible.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

osama bin laden is DEAD! - WOOOOHOOO!

SUCK ON THAT AL-QAEDA! Won't be long before we get the rest of you scumbags. Zawahri, YOUR NEXT! Hopefully I capture you or one of your muslim"brothers". I will cut your cock n balls off in front of everyone in Times Square, and make you eat them. Drag you by your neck behind my car, than tie you to a post for the rats to finish you off. I wish they did not kill osama. I would have liked to see the Navy Seals carry out my plan for his public humiliation.

Friday, April 15, 2011

FBI closes down Full Tilt, Pokerstars, and Absolute

Hmmm, I thought the bullshit law the United States created only prevented US banks from processing American online poker transactions. How can the FBI close down the sites themselves? Why punish the players while your doing your "investigation"? The PLAYERS did not do anything wrong, THE BANKS DID!. Go after the banks, not the poker players. Just another example of how the U.S. manipulates the laws/system to benefit certain interest groups and pockets. Did you see the fines involved with these so-called "crimes" that they have charged the defendants with? Just goes to show you its all about making money, not "justice". I have seen less sentence's/fines given to RAPISTS and MURDERERS. Why is it that no other countries are trying to shut down these poker sites? They must not have as many religious nuts trying to force the government into going after poker sites. Maybe they also are not as greedy as our government is. Amazing how we have LEGAL gambling in certain states because it's taxed. Oh, and the thousands of sports gambling sites? I guess that form of gambling is OK with the FBI. hmmmm, As soon as the U.S. see's that a large portion of money is being exchanged between INDIVIDUALS and they are not getting "their share", they create laws making it illegal. Really no different than the mob extorting money from people/businesses. The only difference is people end up in jail, not burried in the desert. HEY AMERICA, you want "your share"? Change your "moral values" like you did with alcohol (prohibition) and make poker legal. I don't see any poker related deaths on the roadways, but a SHITLOAD of DUI related deaths. I guess making something legal(alcohol) which has the serious potential of killing innocent people, is OK with you as long as your getting rich off of it. While your at it, lets make ALL DRUGS legal. You will get rich, and PUT MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS OUT OF BUSINESS. Than I can go down to Mexico and play poker without worrying about being killed.

michael vick, chirs brown, and some mexicans

I will write more about these two clowns later on. To sum it up, these fuktards should NOT BE GETTING PAYCHECKS anymore. But they are, because large corporations care more about making money, rather than sending a message to the world that their bullshit will not be tolerated. Great message to send to the future generations. "Beat your girlfriend, no problem.. ..Abuse animals, no problem.YOU CAN BE A DEGENERATE SCUMBAG and STILL GET PAID as long as we see some profit" Sounds a little like certain Mexican police/government officials...hmmmmm

Thursday, April 14, 2011

nancy grace on Arranged Marriages - WHAT A CLUELESS WOMEN!

Unfortunately, when I turned on CNN, nancy grace was on. UHG! When is CNN going to get rid of this fool? I believe CNN keeps her around because she pisses people off, and they want to see what ridiculous thing is going to come out of her mouth next. Kind of like the Howard Stern phenomenon. I LOVE HOWARD BY THE WAY! He probably hates her too. Anyways, she was reporting on the story of Wazineh Suleiman, a missing mom who was found in Georgia. When nancy was talking with another women that had information about the investigation, the other women filled nancy in on the fact that Wazineh had an arranged marriage. All of a sudden, it was like nancy saw a UFO. She got it on as if arranged marriages were the likes of aliens living in your basement. She just could not wrap her head around the fact that arranged marriages are still happening, or even exist. WAKE UP TO THE REST OF THE WORLD LADY! Obviously nancy goes straight home from CNN to her couch with a bowl full of bon bons, and probably watches Jersey Shore all night. She sure isn't watching anything that happens on the rest of this planet. As I do not condone or like the idea of arranged marriages, at least myself and MOST of the population know that they exist and are somewhat OK with it. How does nancy grace, get a job with CNN? I thought they hired cultured, "worldly", people. hmmmm, maybe nancy gave a CNN executive a handjob or two to get the job.
Personally, I think any women that goes along with an arranged marriage, who does not love, or even like her soon-to-be husband is pretty much a sheep doing the will of men. If women were to speak up for themselves in the these types of cultures, these men would actually have to start becoming REAL MEN, and stop buying their wives. Sorry guys, you might have to start taking showers. (not all, but in some cases, the "arrangement" is usually about obtaining financial / power gain for one side of the family. I know some American gypsies, and they tell me how it is )  If the women involved are going along with it willfully and HAPPILY, I'm all for arranged marriages and/or whatever else different cultures want to practice. Sometimes, arranged marriages are very beneficial for everyone involved, and are way better than a typical "American marriage". DO YOUR THING INDIA!, or whoever else practices arranged marriages. Oh, and please call nancy and let her kmow the rest of the world exists.

I think this show has been on for at least a half an hour or so. There are ten times more important topics to be talking about right now, but she is spending HER WHOLE SHOW on this missing/found women. Hey Nancy, how about you do a whole show on the illegal killing of dolphins and whales in Japan. MAYBE a show that shed's some light on our money hungry congress members that pass laws that only benefit themselves and their rich friends. Wait, never mind, you will probably fuck that up and make matters worse.

Wow, nancy just said, on arranged marriages, "I am STUNNED that they are going on in America" aahhahahaha CLUELESS!. It's the end of the show and she does this bit about a fallen soldier, LIKE SHE CARES! She just spent a whole episode on something that should be reserved for the tabloid / trailer park shows, and now all of a sudden she cares about something important like our service men being killed by religious nutjobs. PLEEEASE, put this lady on a network I don't watch, like FOX news, with no credibility.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michelle Bachman for President.....ahahahahhaahhaa

Just this one website "michelle bachman crazy quotes" will show you how ridiculous and delusional this women is. Women and men like her are the reason why America is being held back from being the GREATEST civilization on this planet. At least she admits that she is "not a deep thinker". Hmmm, do we really want someone that is not a deep thinker to control our government.  ahahhahahahahha, what a joke of a human being. The same people with opinions, "values", and thoughts like hers run the middle-east. You can see how well they are doing.

If you think that this women is not crazy, PLEEEEEAASE kill yourself! For the rest of us that want to see this world move forward, not back-assword.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

American soldiers won't be gettign a paycheck because....

our elected political "leaders" can not come to an agreement for the national budget. Do you wanna know why?  They are more interested in gaining political "points", rather than doing what is right for the American citizens that ELECTED THEM! How's that for a thank you? Every member of congress that is guilty of these political games should be required to read this statement on TV to the American people: "Yea, thanks for voting for me, now I'm gonna do wrong by you to make political gains that will help out myself and rich friends. And for an added bonus, troops won't get paid! wooohoo. You know, the ones that keep the taliban from coming over and murdering my family and yours. Again, I want to thank every stupid American that voted for me."
WHAT THE FUCK! I'm gonna have to start voting if this type of shit keeps up :/